CNC Lathe Work

For small batch and production type work, we're moving into CNC machines.  The Milltronics ML20 is our first automated machine.  It has a 20" diameter and 60" between centers capacity.  That's a lot of space for turned parts.  We can handle larger pieces than a lot of lathes allow.

We are working toward adding a cnc mill to go with the lathe.

Small Parts and Hole Patterns

The machine shop started as a means to do large personal projects.  The Logan 820 lathe is a 10" dia x 24" between centers tool, built in 1948.  It was overhauled in 2010.

The Bridgeport Series I milling machine with J2 head is a desirable model.  It's a 1976 body with a newer 1990 era head.  Essentially all the parts are available for overhaul.  The DRO makes precision work much easier.

Specialized Fixtures

When we have long-term relationships and repeat batches, we'll often buy specialized tooling to enable a reduction in labor and cost.  We believe that low cost is good for the customer, and repeat business is good for us.

We purchased this 5C Collet Indexer to simplify making these fittings.  The fixture came in between our first and second batches.  It pushed our return on investment out a little, but it should make us all happier in the long run.

Prototype and Manufacturing Help

We're focused as a small machine shop, but technical support is available on the products we manufacture.  Everyone starts somewhere.  We're happy to support start-ups or experienced firms.

I enjoy mentoring and teaching people about the processes to build products, and the ways that features can be improved for speed or strength.  If you want a second set of eyes on a project, we could help.

Next Steps...

If you would like a quote, or the chance to talk over a project, head over to the Contact page, and let me know what you're interested in.