New Designs or Details Born in Pencil Sketches

Our Approach

Good ideas take effort to refine.  If an idea isn't ready to build yet, we use a variety of tools to look at the details.  Pencil sketching is my oldest and most native way of looking at entirely new ideas.  As the detail in a part rises, Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) allows the user to look at complicated intersections and surfaces.  In many cases, seeing is enough to recognize the direction a part needs to go.  A mentor once told me: You don't have anything until you have a scale drawing.  These skills are available when an idea needs an extra set of eyes.

In addition to making an object function, a good knowledge of how to manufacture parts can allow significant time and money savings.  Where desired, we can offer suggestions to reduce setups, machine time, and cost.

For those who already know what they want, we can focus in on quoting what's on paper or in CAD already.

Our Story

PM Technica sprung up from an informal partnership with a friend making ultralight aircraft.  Over time, I've told him a variety of old cautionary tales and anecdotes on airplanes.  Since he came from outside the aircraft industry, he asked if we could work out a way to have Q&A time on a regular basis, and if I would be interested in making some of the parts he's designed.  Making parts has been a long-time passion.  To support the work, we've brought in new machines to compliment the owner's manual "hobby" tools.  These new tools provide enough capacity to do additional work, and these tools may breed more tools in the future.

Kevin Pfeiffer - Owner and Machinist

I am a design engineer and a builder.  Product design has been a central passion while employed as an engineer at a large firm, with an emphasis on prototyping and test.  If developing a product requires me to perform machining, composite layup, odds and ends fabrication, or hand modifying parts, it suits me well.  Math tells us what is possible.  Our hands and our tools allow us to make the things we envision.

Kevin Pfeiffer

Owner and Machinist


  • B.S. Aerospace Engineering, Wichita State University
  • Worked semesters at the 7' x 10' Beech Wind Tunnel
  • Worked for and trained by Steve Hill, making composite parts and tooling at Owens Composites, turned Twisted Composites
  • Design Engineer in Wichita Aviation Industry 12 Years
  • US Patents 8,221,084 and 8,753,088
  • Founded PM Technica LLC in 2015


  • Fluent in napkin sketch, CATIA*, Excel with VBA Macros

* Using Fusion 360 at PM Technica

  • Native of Wichita Kansas
  • Married, with Two Boys
  • Crewed for Nemesis Air Racing in 2000
  • Member of One Moment Air Racing
  • Proud 3rd generation Engineer
    • Grandfather Norman Pfeiffer was a 30+ yr Beechcrafter
      • Worked in missile division cost analysis
      • Designed machinery to fill ready-whip cans
    • Father Neal Pfeiffer was a 27 yr Beechcrafter
      • PhD Aeronautical Engineer
      • Elected Technical Director of the American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), and continues as a Fellow of the organization

Next Steps...

If you would like to request a quote or discuss a special project, come over to the Contact page to make introductions.