Prototypes and Batch Production

Making products takes a lot of know-how.  When you need a little help, we have the talent to make rough ideas into functional prototypes.  When you need to produce, we can help you streamline parts, or if you have it just how you want it, we can produce what you need.  We have a manual lathe and mill, and a cnc lathe ready to go.  If you need a one-off fixture, we can weld and fabricate as well.

We're sized right to pick up the small jobs that can't wait.  If you're a small shop with ambitions to grow, we can keep your work moving.  If you're a prime in need of second tier work, we can take odd jobs to help you keep commitments.


Tube coping is a valuable precursor to welding operations.
These tubes were coped to fit using the Bridgeport Mill.

Lathe Turned Parts

The cnc lathe is a robotic workhorse.  This aluminum leg test part is 32 inches long.  The lathe has a 20 x 60 inch capacity, good for a large range of work.

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Milled Small Parts

Manual tools allow us to produce a variety of custom parts.  As batch sizes grow, we tool up to streamline production runs.

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Odd Jobs and Fixtures

This fixture holds a glider aircraft fuselage for structural repairs or paint and body work.  Sometimes you need a custom tool to make life better.

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Next Steps...

If you would like a quote, or the chance to talk over a project, head over to the Contact page, and let me know what you're interested in.